Currency in Laos

If you are planning to travel to Laos, you will need to know some basic information about the currency and how to manage your money in this country. Laos uses the Lao kip (LAK) as its official currency, but US dollars and Thai baht are also widely accepted in major cities and tourist areas. You can exchange your foreign currency for kip at banks, hotels, or authorized money changers, but make sure you get a receipt and check the exchange rate before handing over your cash. You can also withdraw kip from ATMs, which are available in most towns and cities, but be aware of the fees and limits that may apply.

Laos uses the Lao kip (LAK) as its official currency
Laos uses the Lao kip (LAK) as its official currency

One thing to keep in mind is that kip is not convertible outside of Laos, so you will need to spend or exchange it before you leave the country. You can also use your credit or debit cards to pay for some goods and services, but they are not widely accepted and may incur additional charges. Therefore, it is advisable to carry some cash with you at all times, especially if you are traveling to rural areas or remote places.



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