Excellent Travel Agency that took care of our little travel needs in Vietnam

Posted On: 20/03/2024

Our group of 5 travelled to Hanoi and then to Sapa , enroute to Danang over a 9 day period. The trip was amazing and well co-ordinated by our travel agency - Asia Mystika Travel. Our co-ordinator Mr Billie was excellent in his follow-up and replies to our enquries. This is the first time we travelled with this agency and the experience was great. Billie texted us during our journey to make sure we were doing well and enjoying ourselves and we would like to thank him for ensuring that our trip was well-organised. There are many highlights during our trip and enjoyed every moment.

We had 3 local guides in Hanoi, Sapa and Danang, all our guides are knowledgeable and spoke great English. We gained a lot of knowledge about the culture, food and customs about Vietnam and most of all, our guides were very patient with us and took care of our needs during the trip.

One little incident during our trip in Hue, when our van broke down at about 4pm and we were heading to the Imperial Tombs that closes at 5pm. Our tour guide reacted calmly and quickly booked 2 Taxi to bring us to the old tomb before closing time. It would have been a shame had we missed this opportunity to visit this heritage site as it was truely an amazing experience for us. Not to mention, the driver tries his best to change the tyres and was there to pick us up once it was all done.

This trip was made possible by the travel agency that took care of our little needs and even when we asked for seperate beds for our hotel stay ( so that everyone can be comfortable), they gladly help us made the necessary arrangement.

I will be back to Danang again in January 2024 with my family and guess what - I am definitely looking forward to Asia Mystika Travel to help with all the necessary arrangement and looking forward to having another excellent trip.

Ms Winnie ( on behalf of our Group of 5 ladies in Singapore)

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