10 Days Package From Breathtaking Northwest Adventure To Coconut Village Hoian

Posted On: 04/09/2023

Traveling through the stunning landscapes and lively cultures of North and Central Vietnam has been an incredible adventure that surpassed all my expectations. Every single day has been like opening a new chapter, full of things to do that helped me get to know this amazing part of the world even better.

Starting the Day with a Satisfying Breakfast, I Set Off on an Adventure to Hua Tat Village. Along the Way, I Couldn't Help but Be Drawn to a Secretive Waterfall Tucked Amidst the Mountains. This Waterfall, Which Sustains Paddy Fields and Daily Activities, Highlighted How Nature Shapes the Lives of the Locals.

Hua Tat Hot Spring
Hua Tat Hot Spring

Next, I headed to a nearby village where they had a warm hot spring. Letting myself soak in the comforting water, which was around 35°-40° Celsius, felt wonderful. Afterward, I felt revitalized and full of energy, appreciating the wellness boost the hot spring provided.

Hua Tat Village, a special place belonging to the H'mong tribe in Moc Chau, was a real treasure. The village was full of greenery and had a genuine local vibe. While walking through a pretty pine forest nearby, I got to see how the villagers go about their daily routines. I even got to meet some friendly folks from the H'mong community, which was really cool.

The next morning, I set off on a hike through the pine forests and H'mong villages. The refreshing breeze and the stunning views from the hill made me feel alive and full of energy.

What really got to me was how the villagers all worked together and how they seemed so connected to the natural surroundings. It was pretty amazing.

After the hike, I treated myself to a relaxing herbal foot bath at the resort. It was a great way to wind down and give my feet a break. And you know what caught my attention? The chance to learn how to make paper the H'mong way. I thought it was a pretty cool chance to dive into their culture and try something new.

The adventure carried on, taking me to the Bach Long Glass Bridge, which holds a world record. I gotta tell you, the view of the mountains around was just mind-blowing. And you know what else? There was an amusement park nearby that brought some fun and games to the day.

Bach Long Glass Bridge
Bach Long Glass Bridge

Ninh Binh was a peaceful spot where I went cycling through villages, enjoying the views of neat rice fields. I also stumbled upon the beautiful Bich Dong pagoda and Thai Vi temple, which were like hidden treasures. The calmness of these places really touched me, and I know I'll remember them for a long time.

My journey got a bit watery when I hopped on a cruise and sailed through the incredible Halong Bay, a place that's super famous and even recognized by UNESCO. The tall limestone rocks and all those islands scattered around made it feel like I was in a dream. I know for sure that this magical view will stick with me forever.

When I headed to Hoi An, a place that's a big deal and on the UNESCO list of special sites, I got to really soak in the old-fashioned charm of the town. Checking out the Chua Ong Pagoda, those Chinese Assembly Halls, the old Tam Ky house, and the famous Japanese Bridge, I felt like I was taking a peek into the town's past.

Hoi An Old Town
Hoi An Old Town

In Tra Que Village, I got to roll up my sleeves and work with the local folks, planting and taking care of crops. It was like diving into the heart of countryside living, a real close-up look. Then came the fun part: a cooking class where I learned to make dishes that are special to the area. And let me tell you, tasting those creations made me feel really good about what I made.

The last leg of my journey took me to the Bay Mau water coconut forest. It was like a crash course in how to paddle those cool bamboo basket boats, and I even had a little friendly race in them. But what really got me excited was learning how to make stuff like birds and rings from those bendy reeds. It was like a fun craft session with nature's tools!

Coconut Village
Coconut Village

Our decision to go on a tour of Vietnam turned out to be an amazing choice. We got to experience so much – from the history-packed streets of Hanoi to the breathtaking scenes of Halong Bay. The journey took us to charming villages like Hua Tat and Tra Que, where we got to know the local life up close. We did cool stuff like racing bamboo boats and making paper, which felt like we were really diving into the local way of life. And there were also those relaxing moments in hot springs and stunning views from hilltops. As we said goodbye to Vietnam, we carried home memories of new friends, awesome experiences, and a better sense of just how cool this country is.



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