Exploring the Authentic Things to Do in Bac Ninh

Posted On: 19/06/2024

Bac Ninh, a vibrant province located just a short trip northeast of Hanoi, serves as a captivating getaway brimming with cultural and historical richness. This region is renowned for its Quan Ho folk music and the distinctive Dong Ho paintings, both of which are integral to its cultural identity. Visitors to Bac Ninh can look forward to a diverse array of experiences ranging from exploring its deep historical roots to enjoying its natural landscapes and savoring unique local specialties. This article will guide you through the myriad of activities that make Bac Ninh a must-visit destination.

1. Exploring Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh offers a rich tapestry of cultural and historical experiences, alongside beautiful landscapes and vibrant traditions. Here's how you can immerse yourself in everything this fascinating locale has to offer:

1.1. Immerse Yourself in History

Things to do in Bac Ninh But Thap Pagoda

But Thap Pagoda: Discover the architectural elegance and spiritual ambiance of But Thap Pagoda, one of the finest examples of Vietnam's ancient pagoda architecture. Noted for its intricate wood carvings and statues, this site also holds significant historical importance due to its association with the famous Zen master, Chuyet Chuyet. A visit here offers a peaceful retreat as well as a chance to appreciate the artistic and spiritual heritage of Vietnam.

Kinh Bac Ancient Citadel: Step back in time at the ruins of the Kinh Bac Ancient Citadel. Once the military center of ancient Vietnam, these ruins offer a rare glimpse into the past. Visitors can explore the remnants of this once-thriving citadel and imagine the bustling life it supported during Vietnam's feudal times. The site serves as a solemn reminder of Vietnam's rich but turbulent history.

1.2. Embrace the Local Culture

Things to do in Bac Ninh Quan Ho performance

Dong Ho Village: For a more hands-on cultural experience, visit Dong Ho Village, renowned for its traditional folk painting. These unique artworks are made using natural materials and depict scenes from rural life, Vietnamese folklore, and historical events. Visitors can watch local artisans at work and even try their hand at creating their own folk paintings, making it a memorable and interactive cultural excursion.

Quan Ho Performance: Experience the heart of Bac Ninh's culture with a Quan Ho folk music performance. This UNESCO-recognized tradition involves alternating groups singing in a call-and-response style that is both enchanting and deeply emotional. Many performances are hosted in local homes or communal houses and often include a dinner, offering a warm, hospitable glimpse into the local way of life.

Lim Festival: If your visit coincides with the Lim Festival (held on the 13th day of the first lunar month), you're in for a cultural treat. This vibrant festival is celebrated with traditional Quan Ho singing performances, folk games, and other cultural activities that draw visitors from across the country. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience the joyous spirit and community of Bac Ninh.

1.3. Explore the Outdoors

Things to do in Bac Ninh Explore the Outdoor

Bike Tour Through Villages and Rice Fields: One of the best ways to see the Vietnamese countryside is on a bike. Pedal your way through local villages and alongside lush rice fields, witnessing the daily life of the rural inhabitants of Bac Ninh. This experience not only provides scenic views but also offers insight into the agricultural practices and tranquil life outside the urban bustle.

Visit a Scenic Spot: For those who love nature, a visit to a scenic spot like the serene Boi River is a must. The river's peaceful waters and picturesque surroundings provide a perfect setting for relaxation and reflection. Alternatively, exploring any of Bac Ninh’s scenic pagodas, set against beautiful backdrops, offers both spiritual solace and photographic opportunities.

2. Culinary Delights

Nestled in the northern part of Vietnam, Bac Ninh offers a tapestry of tastes that are as rich in history as they are in flavor. This section of the province is not only famous for its cultural heritage but also for its unique culinary traditions that tantalize the palate and offer a window into the local lifestyle.

2.1. Unique Flavors of Bac Ninh Cuisine

Things to do in Bac Ninh Unique Flavors

Bac Ninh's cuisine is characterized by its simplicity and the freshness of its ingredients, which together create flavors that are both delicate and distinct. The food here often features a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and spicy tastes, with an emphasis on the texture and balance that is essential to Vietnamese culinary philosophy.

2.2. Highlighted Dishes

Things to do in Bac Ninh Banh Khuc

Banh Khuc: This is not your ordinary dumpling. Banh Khuc is made from glutinous rice mixed with cudweed—a unique green herb that imparts a slightly minty flavor—and filled with a hearty mixture of mung bean paste and seasoned pork. The dumplings are then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed until perfectly soft. The result is a delightful savory snack that’s as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eyes.

Things to do in Bac Ninh Banh Phu The

Banh Phu The: Contrary to the typical spring roll, Banh Phu The is a sweet concoction that symbolizes conjugal love. These deep-fried treats are crafted from tapioca starch and filled with a mixture of mung bean paste, shredded coconut, and sesame seeds, often wrapped in a transparent and chewy dough. It's a popular choice during weddings and family celebrations.

Things to do in Bac Ninh Banh Te

Banh Te: Banh Te is a simple, traditional rice cake made from very fine rice flour mixed with pork fat, cooked ground pork, and sometimes mung beans. The cakes are then wrapped in a special kind of leaf called "la dong" and steamed. Variations of this cake might include additions like black pepper or onions, catering to different palates.

Things to do in Bac Ninh Banh Da Ke

Banh Da Ke: A delightful treat, Banh Da Ke are sweet rice crackers made with rice flour, sugar, and sesame seeds. These light, crispy crackers are often enjoyed as a snack during the day and make an excellent souvenir to take home, capturing the essence of Bac Ninh's sweet side.

2.3. Other Local Specialties

Things to do in Bac Ninh Che Khoai

While exploring Bac Ninh, don’t miss out on other local specialties like Pho Banh Da (a unique version of pho served with thick rice noodles) and Che Khoai (a sweet dessert made from taro or sweet potato). These dishes offer further insight into the region's culinary diversity and rich food culture.

3. Travel Tips

Things to do in Bac Ninh Travel Tips

3.1. Getting There

Bac Ninh, located just about 30 kilometers northeast of Hanoi, is easily accessible via various modes of transportation, catering to different preferences and budgets. For those looking for a straightforward route, taking a bus from Hanoi is a convenient and economical option, with regular departures from major bus stations. Alternatively, a taxi offers a more private and direct journey. For the more adventurous, riding a motorbike can provide a scenic and exhilarating experience, allowing you to explore at your own pace. Additionally, for a hassle-free experience, consider booking a tour with Asia Mystika, which often includes guided visits and comprehensive travel arrangements.

3.2. Getting Around

To truly immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Bac Ninh, renting a motorbike is highly recommended. This mode of transportation offers unparalleled flexibility, making it easier to navigate the city and surrounding areas at your leisure. However, it's important to prioritize safety; ensure you possess an International Driving Permit if required, and always wear a helmet. For those who prefer not to drive, taxis are readily available and reliable. Another fun and local option is to hop on a xe om (motorbike taxi), which is an affordable and authentic way to get around.

3.3. Where to Stay

Bac Ninh offers a variety of accommodation options to suit all preferences and budgets. For travelers seeking an authentic experience, homestays are a great choice as they provide insights into the local lifestyle and culture. If comfort and more standardized services are your priority, several hotels in the area offer a range of amenities designed to ensure a comfortable stay. Whether you opt for the charm of local life or the conveniences of modern facilities, Bac Ninh caters to every type of traveler.

4. Embracing Bac Ninh: A Cultural, Historical, and Culinary Journey

Things to do in Bac Ninh Embracing Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh is a treasure trove of cultural immersion, historical exploration, and culinary delights that promises an enriching travel experience. From the melodious strains of Quan Ho folk songs echoing through the ancient pagodas to the vibrant scenes of the Dong Ho paintings, each aspect of the province offers a deep dive into Vietnam's rich heritage. The local cuisine, with its authentic flavors, invites food enthusiasts to indulge in traditional dishes like Banh Da Ke that tell their own stories of the region.

For those seeking an adventure off the beaten path, Bac Ninh's hidden gems await discovery. Each corner of this province offers unique experiences that resonate with the charm of Northern Vietnam. Whether it's exploring historical sites, soaking in the cultural festivities, or simply enjoying the serene landscapes, Bac Ninh is a destination that caters to the curiosity of every traveler.

Do not miss the opportunity to bring a piece of Bac Ninh home with you. The region's famous Dong Ho paintings, known for their distinctive folk aesthetic and natural materials, make for meaningful souvenirs, preserving the memories of your journey. Additionally, the local markets offer various handicrafts that showcase the meticulous craftsmanship of the local artisans.

Embark on a journey to Bac Ninh, and discover the heart and soul of Vietnam through its cultural richness, historical depth, and delightful flavors. Every visit promises new insights and unforgettable memories, making Bac Ninh a must-visit destination on your travel itinerary.



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