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Posted On: 15/05/2023

Ticket price of Hoi An Memories show at VietAIR - only from 480,000 VND

Along with flight tickets of the itinerary to Da Nang - Hoi An city, you totally buy tickets of Hoi An Memories show at VietAIR with a discount price only from 480,000 VND. Let’s enjoy a world-class cultural spectacle show in the best city of the world - Hoi An Memories show with VietAIR! 

1. Introduction

Hoi An Memories Show takes the audience on a voyage of time to the Faifo trading port 400 years ago to live with the beauty and unique culture of Hoi An, a heritage site of UNESCO.

The audience will indulge in special feelings of a world-class performance successfully portrayed by outdoor visual art on the stage of 25.000 sqm where poetry, music and lighting in fine combination with the passion of Vietnamese artists to create a must-try stunning show.

Memories Show of Hoi An is a World-class outdoor visual art show with a 3300-seat theater and more than 500 professional dancers and actors.

The performance takes Vietnamese traditional “Ao dai” as the main language combining with modern staging techniques to create a specific scenery state-of-the-art lighting technology and sound effects.

The show is divided into 5 parts:

Part 1: Life - Hoi An’s memories of the dawn of time

New land is started from the sprouts of life, the lives were born, let out the first cry, inaugurated a new era. That is also the origin of the story that the millennial loom repeats. The silk thread is woven from the first weaving spin on the path of time with white Ao Dai, bringing the audience back with "Life".

Part 2: Wedding - Memory of Hoi An during the Champa period

Based on the famous diplomatic story in history - the wedding of Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man, “Wedding" recreates the colorful scene of the golden past and the will to create peace and prosperity for the nation of his ancestors in the past.

Part 3: Lamps and Sea - Hoi An Memories of the transition period

Reaching out to the sea, the brave sons of Hoi An with heroic blood are always ready to face the storm for a prosperous future for the country. Those boys, despite having to overcome many difficulties and challenges, always look forward with confidence because deep in their hearts, the warm light of home is still burning in their hearts, the firelight that lights the way for them is the immortal love of the faithful and loyal Hoi An girls.

Part 4: Trading Port – Hoi An Memories of cultural interchanging period

The thread of time shines on the memory loom, opening a beautiful space... With the sea as wide open as the hearts of the people here, Hoi An has become a bustling port town with a unique cultural identity from many countries. Traders from all over the world have brought here not only products but also civilized values of all humanity, creating a once brilliant and golden Hoi An trading port.

Part 5: Ao Dai – The combination of ancient “Hoi An Memories” and modern features

As the years have passed, Hoi An has gone through many ups and downs, still intact the appearance of a peaceful, poetic, and beautiful land as gentle as the Ao Dai of a Vietnamese girl. That beauty has overcome space and time, creating a sacred symbol of the country.

2. Location 

The show takes place at Hoi An Impression Theme Park located on an artificial island of Cam Nam in the middle of Thu Bon River.

 It is quite close to the town, only about 2-3km. You can consider traveling by vehicle or on foot. If you take a taxi from Hoi An Old Town, it will cost about 35,000 VND ($1.5) to get there.

3. Time and duration

The show is held every night except for Tuesday. The duration is about 1 hour 15 minutes from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm.

4. Price

There are 3 ticket levels based on seat position in the Hoi An Memories show.

Ticket class





Located near the stage and the sides of the stands, have no roof.

Sit in the center of the stage, covered area

Private seating area, free fruit, drink, cold towel

Price (VND)





  • Children under 1.4m: Free of charge.

  • Children from 1.4m: Price as adult.

  • Only be free accompanied 2 children for one adult.

  • Please check in before the show 30 minutes.

Hoi An memories show is a grand spectacle of such phenomenal scope. There are not many shows like this in the West. It is an experience you should have at least once in your life, sitting outside, watching this visual extravaganza on a balmy Hoi An evening. Afterward, Hoi An memories show will bring you closer to the Vietnamese unique spirit and timeless traditions.

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